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Living God - Chapter Five



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The Divine Languages Tidings From The Gods
One day, while watching cartoons in the upstairs room of my house, I heard a young lady, about 12 years old, outside my window, yelling loudly from the next door neighbors front yard, "Ooo-wop! Ooo-wop! Ooo-wop! Pervert! Pervert! Ooo-wop! Ooo-wop! Although this was unusual, I am more or less used-to unusual things, so I ignored it and continued watching cartoons.

Still, the young lady persisted. After about a minute had past, I heard my rottweiler (Axle) downstairs jumping up and nosing the Venetian blinds to look outside. Seeing this, and, aparently thinking it was me, she yelled out, "See! He's a pervert!" I nodded in agreement, and laughed out loud — saying, "Yep! Axle's a pervert alright." And I calmly continued watching cartoons, as my only concern, at the time, was that the people next door were interrupting my story; but the disturbance continued.

After another minute had past, I realized that what they really didn't want was for me to look out the window. What they really didn't want is for me to see what they were doing down there; so I got up, opened the Venetian blinds, and looked down at the young lady, as she pranced confidently, most happily offending me from the neighbors front yard.

Sensing me, she turned and looked up over her left shoulder at the window; our eyes met for a moment, and as I looked down at her, I felt no emotion; no feelings of any kind. I was cold and unsympathetic. Facing me — she had nothing more to say. After those very few moments had gone past, I turned away and went downstairs to continue watching the story they had so rudely interrupted.

They had deliberately interrupted my story, they had offended me, they were out of place in my neighborhood, and they had no business being there, and yet, I still felt nothing about them.

Later that day, they committed a human sacrifice next door, and that day, the sacrifice was her. If she had not offended me, I would not have turned away, and I could have saved her. This is what finally angered me, and so it is, that it was through their offenses, that they had begun to awaken a sleeping God, and that God — would be (Με).

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