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Simple Language Encoding In Divine Works

Language Codes
"But, for my own part, it was Greek to me." - (Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene II)

The Divine Languages Divine Inspiration & The Multiple Meaning of Words
As with any message brought from another realm and translated into words, you would first need to know who and what was making the statement before you could know - who and what they were talking about. Sometimes words have more than one meaning, and that meaning can change according to the context in which they are conveyed and perceived. The same statements can have a completely different meaning coming from different personas with different perspectives and powers.

From The Perspective of Knowing Who's Talking
If someone says to you, "this will mean nothing to you" it would be rather innocuous, but if the Supra Conscious says to you, "this will mean nothing to you" then this same statement becomes more serious, and you would know that 'this' most probably means 'everything' to you, as 1. "This surely means 'oblivion' to you;"

This could have a number of meanings, as He could also be saying that 2. "you do not care," and/or that 3. "you are incapable of understanding;" Coming from the Supra Conscious — multiple meanings will be true.

From The Perspective of Knowing Who You Are Talking To
From the perspective of the Supra Conscious, and assuming that He was talking about the contents of this website, and that He was speaking to the average 'Westerner' who visits it, then this simple sentence would most likely have all three meanings. Four meanings, if you include the original misunderstanding 4. “because you have misunderstood the original meaning of what I have said.” His statement would be all of the above because He is, after all, the very model of efficiency.

For everyone else, please forgive my demonstration; For truly, I could not resist. I've added the fifth meaning for the ones among you who are more respectful; those who are willing to learn something new. For surely, 5.  “the message is not meant for you.”

From The Perspective of Knowing What's Going On
Sometimes - it's necessary to know what's going on before you will understand what someone is talking about.  An example would be a "Quantum Physics Convention." This is a powerful type of encoding.  The key to this type of encoding is knowledge.  Most of Mankind doesn't get the Universal Newspaper and does not keep up with what's been going on, but keeping up to date with universal current events would be a good idea.

"It's through the multiple meaning of words, and through 'knowing' who and what is doing the talking, as well as through knowing what is going on, that we can finally understand - who and what someone has been talking about."

The Divine Languages Double Talk & Shakespearean Pros
Double talk and Shakespearean styled pros are common methods used by many to disguise information distributed through the media. Jethro Tull: Thick as a Brick

These types of codes are powerful enough to be used through the media without the general population becoming aware of what they mean.  These are often interpreted as meaningless or obscure, but if the crafter of the message is particularly clever, it will be interpreted by the public as meaning something completely different from the true intended meaning.

Shakespearean Qualities
Think and analyze this sentence (as an example) from Jethro Tull's 1972 album "Thick as a Brick." found at 3:16 on the "Divine Languages" Enlightenment player.  The sentence written below is exactly as it appears in the lyrics, with one possible interpretation written below.  As an exercise, try to interpret this sentence into modern English, as 21st century man might understand it.  You will find this type of information throughout history; even in the holy books of the world.

"Soft venus (lonely maiden) brings the ageless one." (Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick)

The legends (worded in the ancient
tribal hymn) lie cradled in the
seagull's call. And all the promises
they made are ground beneath the
sadist's fall. The poet and the wise
man stand behind the gun, and signal
for the crack of dawn. Light the sun.

Do you believe in the day ? Do you ?
Believe in the day! The Dawn Creation

of the Kings has begun. Soft Venus
(lonely maiden) brings the ageless one.

Do you believe in the day ? The fading
hero has returned to the night—and
fully pregnant with the day, wise men
endorse the poet's sight.

Do you believe in the day ? Do you ?
Believe in the day!


Soft venus (lonely maiden) brings the ageless one.

Soft Venus ------> Unarmed Interstellar Vehicle
Lonely Maiden --> Single Unescorted Ship
Brings ------------> Transports
Ageless ----------> Immortal
One ---------------> Master

"Your Immortal Master will be arriving on a single unarmed interstellar transport vehicle."

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - (Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II)

If this interpretation is correct (and it is) then perhaps the following message was used to clarify why "he" was coming to the Earth. It answers the question of why "he" comes. Partial Section: Bold As Love, Whole Section: Bold As Love

The Divine Languages Two Notes (ethereal, material)
1: You already have more than enough proof of many divine and amazing realities, but many people have been persuaded through the media that this proof is inadequate. What an interesting way to convince people that something isn't real. Do you think it's possible that someone smarter than man has fooled mankind, or do you believe that man is the cleverest and smartest people in the whole wide universe and can't be fooled?

2: You need to know who and what they are before you will know who and what they are talking about. It would be a good idea to brush up on the art of double talk. People call them liars, thieves, charlatans, and con artists, and they are; politicians, governments, corporations; product warrantees, guarantees & advertising; and just about anyone with a contract in hand or a sales pitch to deliver; promises made and broken; anyone who can get what they want from your mistake; will be saying something completely different than what you think. They will use the multiple meaning of words to fool you.

People interpret what they read and hear in a 'good' way because of their inherent belief in the "good world."

The Divine Languages Two Summaries (ethereal, material)
1. The multiple meaning of words and divine inspiration can be a powerful combination; causing people to write works of literature and music that can mean one thing to the author and something completely different to the entities who inspired them. The result is a Shakespearian like divine message that few people on Earth have the knowledge to interpret. How this is done is purely magical to us, as mankind is far from being capable of understanding the details, but I can assure you that when crafting such works, every detail is attended to; it merely appears impossible from a human perspective. The fact that it exists and we can prove it, is a good place to begin.

2. All of these methods and more are used to conceal information from the uninformed while distributing the news through the media to those knowledgeable people who have wisely kept abreast of the latest in Universal Developments. Overcoming your disbelief is the first step to understanding what has been going on, and to understanding mankind's hidden history as well. Many such truths stand before you; hidden only behind the mask of your own disbelief.

For more examples of encoded language and divinely inspired music visit this section of the website. The Divine Languages

Marcus E. Lee
The Living God

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