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The Divine Languages Wielding The Power of God With Words
As with any message brought from the Supra Conscious and translated into words, you would first need to know who and what was making the statement before you could know who and what they were talking about. Sometimes words have more than one meaning and that meaning can change according to the context in which they are conveyed and perceived. The same statements can have completely different meanings coming from different persons or perspectives.

For instance, if someone says, "this will mean nothing to you" it could be an innocuous statement, but if God says, "This will mean Nothing to you" then this statement becomes more serious and you would know that 'this' means 'everything' to you.

All of this is important because of the consequences of not knowing who and what God is. "He who wields your reality is your God." When you reduce God to a man then you will also take what that man says and give it your own interpretation; from your own perspective. You will make yourself a god. You will make your god, - yourself.

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