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The Divine Languages A Vacation From Pop Music
When I was in Los Angeles, I stayed in three different motels, and there was no MTV or VH1 on the cable, and no "Pop Music" on the radio; None at all. The taxi driver who drove me to my return flight was listening to some old style music that I had never heard before, and I started to wonder about it, just then He turned around and said to me, "I really like listening to this old music; it makes me happy." He was all bubbly and bobbing his head up and down to the beat. I thought the whole scene was surrealistic, but, as usual, I didn't read anything into it.

After the forty-days, I had been greatly offended by some (not all) of the Pop-Music over the radio, because I knew the origins, the intentions, and the thoughts behind the music, through a divine power that I had.

When I returned from Los Angeles, I said to the watchers, "I got a five day vacation in Los Angeles" and the Supra Consciousness said, "And Los Angeles got a five day vacation from Pop Music."

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