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I went on vacation to Los Angeles. The taxi driver, driving me to the airport for my flight to Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, said wistfully, "Wouldn't it be something if Jesus would come flying through the clouds on Christmas Eve, wouldn't that be wonderful, but if he did, I bet hardly anyone would even notice." I looked out the window and said, "More people than you think would know about it." He didn't remember me, but I remembered him.

The very same taxi driver picked me up early on in the eighteen months, before I learned that if you say that you are the Living God who has come to save and reward then the immediate reaction is to attack, exactly as if trained to do so, and you have been trained to do just that.

On that earlier taxi ride, He said something about God, and I said to him, "I am your God," and he said, "No you're not, you're not my God. I believe in the God in this book! I believe in the God in this book!" He became agitated and hostile, and waving the 'Book' he had produced out of nowhere, he said, "I was a Christian preacher for twenty years. I believe in the God in this book!" I said, "I'm your Savior!" and he immediately, while driving down the street at forty miles per hour, attacked me with both hands and tried to strangle me. He did this without hesitation. I said choking, "The God in your book is good, all good, the God in your book is all-good." Now pacified, he let go of me and called on his radio to the dispatcher, "You better get ready to call the police. We have a guy here that says he's God."

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