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The Divine Languages The Enemies of Life Follow The Signs — to Find Me
The Fourth Eternity and I made a Joke; I opened the Bible and said, "Signs in the sky? That sounds like 'stop', 'yield', 'come', 'sit', 'down', 'heal'; — that sounds like someone has been training somebody." I read from the Bible and spoke, "And God made the Heavens for signs in the sky" and he delivered the punch line with a long drawn out, "and astrology" and it was in that moment that astrology became real. Then we both chuckled; for you see, "We already know."

Astrology, - it's completely impossible, but, I did it. Did you know that for some people, it takes three universes to make astrology work?

The Divine Languages The One Who Sprung From The Nothing Place
At the end of the evening "Infinity" came, and He made me Himself. I was overpowered by His Spirit; I moved my head from side to side as if scanning for something; moving stop-motion at three frames per second¹, I spoke with a deep echoing voice, like that of a church bell ringing; broken into segments to form the words. "I am — I am the One who sprung from the Nothing Place and invented Life and Reality." I repeated this a number of times.

Additional: What Gods Would Say


[1] The original time ran at about 3 to 8 (varied) frames per second and movement was just a little jerky.

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