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The Divine Languages Total Confidence & Mastery
He has no limitation, no boundary, no restriction, and there is Nothing that He will not do. He's not like anyone else; He has total, complete, and absolute dominion over reality. He is our Maker, and no mater who you are or how big you are, even if you are a Universe, you will amount to no more, in size and scope, than a 'location' compared to the One.

The Divine Languages Mistakes Once Made
If a Universe doesn't learn from its mistakes, then He will unmake that Universe, as if it never was, and it will not have ever been, and if you do evil, then, you will wish for "Nothing" until the end of infinite time. For you see, it doesn't bother Him at all, either way; It's All-good.

He's not offended by evil killing themselves; They tried to prevent me from saving the good, but I was not trying to save the good, for, the "Good" had already saved themselves. I was trying to Save them; from Themselves, from Each Other, and from Myself (Reality).

Living God
Living God

Living God