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Living God Of The Locution Of Gods
At about three months after the forty-days, I started a thought about my relationship with Infinite Knowledge & Wisdom, and my friendly story teller and narrator finished the thought for me; He said this, "Always in unity with Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom; Never separated, never have been; - never could be."

Living God What Gods Would Say
Everyone has a soul, and this is tangible. The soul is of the utmost interest to the Gods. It's the very essence of who and what you are, consisting of, your essence - with the totality of your personal experiences impressed upon it. "It can be read like a book."

There are only two real possessions that an individual may possess, as everything else is either illusion or transitory. These are "yourself" and the "truth." The 'truth' consists of concepts that are symbolized by our experiences in reality. Reality is a symbolic language used by the Lathe of Heaven (Creative Persona) through the Power of Creation (Infinite Knowledge & Wisdom) to tell stories to souls; to impress these higher concepts upon them through their experiences in reality. You already recognize many of these concepts as valid universal truths.

note In the higher realms, these concepts have the appearance of mandalas. Complex and beautiful to behold, they contain volumes of information that can be combined with other mandalas to solve problems. I was internally silent (without words) from age 20 to 28 and was taught through the use of mandalas. "There was just the mandalas and the sound of thought." The world's problems, environmental, political, social, and economic were presented as mandalas. I would cross over the mandala (problem) with the mandala\s representing the solution. The concepts represented in the mandalas equated to libraries of information, in the form of pure thought.

You carry your reality with you wherever you go, and in the absence of truth, this is an unpleasant experience. You overcome this through the realization of universal truths. Through your experiences in reality, the truth is incorporated into your soul; as this is the process of making "Real People." You must seek truth above power; for, the truth caries within it the only power that is truly everlasting.

Living God The Ultimate Reality
Mankind will progress through four realities. Upon achieving total self realization we will enter into the ultimate reality, where we will have finally learned that the only thing that really maters, is the love between two people. Always remember your destination; for, this is your destiny.

Living God The First & Second Powers
The "Power of Good" is called the "First Power." It has the power to make something real. It caries within it, the power to make you real people. As the soul advances, you will find that love is a tangible power that can be wielded and transformed. The "Power of Love" is the "Power of the Gods," and this is called the "Second Power."

You must master the first power before you can wield the second power. In essence, one must be all-good (a perfected soul) before they will wield real power, as only Real-People could ever-wield the Power of The Gods with Love.

Living God The Path To All-Good
What is All-good? Firstly, I will tell you what is not-at-all good. Being too good or too bad is not at All-good. This is a path of balance, tempered with love and compassion. You must learn to defend each other and yourselves before you can safely walk this path, or you will become victims or predators. The 'objective' is to progress along this centrist path, experiencing self realization, while gaining a clear innate understanding of universal truth. This path is neither too good nor too bad. Only after you have mastered each level will you ascend to the next.

This path produces empowered Ascended Beings of Light (Ascended Masters), and is the path I have chosen for my people (mankind). This is a high path. Those who walk this path are called the Sons & Daughters of Heaven, and the Ascended Masters are called the Sons & Daughters of God. Along this path, you will assist each other, and in time, you will assist the younger races.


Marcus E. Lee
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