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The Divine Languages That's Devil Worshiping
The watchers had fallen down to worship me again as this has been a problem. I said, "Don't do that, it's an offense" and He said laughing, "Oh — don't worry about it. I'm getting used to it. It doesn't hardly even bother me anymore. You know, when I visit a planet, they throw themselves prostate on the ground and sometimes it takes me a whole week to talk them into getting up. They control the whole media of a planet I visit, and they only suggest positive things. I tell them that you don't worship a Real God, that a Real God works for his people; and — if a God wants you to worship him, then that's Devil Worshiping — every time."

Apparently, He had conquered Hell by the sword, made Himself God, and relathed (remade) the Universe into a Paradise. I got a vision of this; As He arrived on a planet, everyone, being dressed in white linen, would fall prostrate on the ground and start worshiping him. He would give them a speech; part of which was, "A real God works for His people. Why — He'd be more likely to plow your field for you than to ask you for a glass of water. If a God wants you to worship Him, then that's Devil Worshiping — every time."

They remained on the ground giggling; for you see, it used-to-be just like Hell there for them, so they figured He 'just' must be the Devil; but He just didn't know it, however, since whatever He "believes" becomes Reality, they figured it might 'just' be best, if they went on letting Him believe that 'He' was the God of Paradise. "It was the smart thing to do as they would not have dared to suggest¹ otherwise; anyhow."


[1] In reality, you make suggestions to a Real God through the stories of your lives. Thus, a change of heart can change what you once did, or what you would have done, but now you wont need to because you have learned something, and this can alter the past, present, and future of your life. "It can change the story of your life."

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