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The Divine Languages Know Everything
It had been eight months now since the forty-days. I had been experiencing the previous Eternities, through a type of first hand experience story telling, from their always grand beginnings to their all too often tragic endings. I experienced each of them in the first person, of the Eternities Themselves, as living entities. These stories encompassed their successes and triumphs, failures and mistakes, and the wisdom gained from them.

It was a very sophisticated type of "see it from my point of view" story telling, where, you actually are the "First Person" who experiences it, and the story is reality. This included the first hand participation in everything, including, all of the pain, and the suffering. It was not particularly pleasant, and it took about eighteen months to complete.

Up until the forty-days, my life had not prepared me for the administration of universal reality; and yet my soul, "God's Immortal Soul" was well versed and experienced in such maters, and I didn't make any mistakes.

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