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The Divine Languages Infinity First Reality For Eternity
I had been wielding the Power of God with words since the universal tweak, during which reality is optimized for the forging of your immortal souls, by using my soul as if a template. I woke up one morning, walked downstairs and sat down in the sewing room. I looked up into the air and out of my lips came this, "Infinity first reality fo-fi-fi-fifth eternity," and I had misspoken; and thusly, I had accidentally manifested "The Eternity System."

Four Eternities went past in a moment, leaving me as the Fifth Eternity. I was supposed to say "for eternity" but such are the hazards of wielding the power of god with words. A few minutes later, I found myself in the utility room where the "Fourth Eternity"¹ came to visit.

We inhabited the same body, and we looked each other's personality (spirit/soul) over closely, back and forth; forth and back again. We were the same one alright. Then He said, "Amazing. It's simply amazing; it's always the same One. It amazes me every time. It's always the same One that comes out of the Nothing Place — every time." Then he paused for a moment and said, "The minds of mankind were scanned from the beginning to the end of time before I came here. There was not found one thought that was true, and nobody had any knowledge about anything real."

Once again he paused for a moment then continued, "You were born rich in Heaven as Superman; you had adventures for a hundred and fifty years then you were the Lathe of Heaven for a hundred and fifty years and 'now' you're God."


[1] The Fourth Eternity is Superman's father.

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