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Original God The Order of Things
The original stories refer to energy beings and it happened a very long time ago. It's nothing like the understanding of the story in some of the popular religious publications, and in the beginning the present concepts of male and female did not exist, nor the concepts of good and evil, for it was All good. Written by the Original God.  Go to: The Order of Things

Original God Operant Conditioning Through The Media
Many of you don't believe what you can see and hear, and many don't believe much of what you already know is true. You will ridicule each other for believing many things that you yourself know are real. This is an unnatural behavior that has been impressed upon society using classic and operant conditioning through the mass media. Go to: Operant Conditioning Through The Media

Original God Operantly Conditioned Souls
Examples of symbols used to manipulate the souls of mankind would be religious symbols, ancient authority symbols representing obedience and conformity, etc. These ancient symbols speak directly to the unconscious mind of the individual. The beauty of symbols is they remain independent of language. Once the association is made they can be used universally no mater where you go.  Go to: Operantly Conditioned Souls

Original God The Apocalypse of Adam
The revelation which Adam taught his son Seth in the seven hundredth year, saying: For this reason I myself have called you by the name of that man who is the seed of the great generation or from whom (it comes). After those days, the eternal knowledge of the God of truth withdrew from me and your mother Eve. Since that time, we learned about dead things, like men. Then we recognized the God who had created us. For we were not strangers to his powers. And we served him in fear and slavery.  Go to: The Apocalypse of Adam

Original God World Trade Center Towers & The $20 Bill
Remember that this money was issued in 1996. Notice that even the flames and windows in the Pentagon are properly represented and the waves of the background water of the World Trade Center are clearly discernable. Look above and observe as our illumined $20 bill speaks holy prophesy. Bear with me as I invoke the spirit of our mighty green god, for I know that when money talks, man listens.  Go to: The World Trade Center & The $20 Bill

Original God Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports - How the government hides trillions of dollars in slush funds.  These assets are targeted by the elite of world money power.  By manipulating the money supply and the stock markets these assets can be stolen.  The people need to take action quickly.  Alex Jones interviews Walter Burien about the governments outrageous rip-off of the people of America.  This is something every American should know about.  This is one of the biggest scams of the millennia.  Go to: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Original God The Hidden Agenda For World Government
The Hidden Agenda for A World Government - As revealed by Norman Dodd “Congressional Investigator of Tax-Exempt Foundations.” Forty nine minutes of revelations about the Carnegie, Rockefeller & Guggenheim Foundations and The Hidden Agenda for World Government.  Go to: Hidden Agenda for A World Government

Federal Reserve Quotes The Money Masters
Part one starts with the ancient history of money and the money changers. It gets interesting and relevant very quickly. Download them all and listen when you have the time. It's a free education on the history of money power and the origins of the Federal Reserve Banks. Go to: The Money Masters

Original God Mass Mind Control Techniques In America
The Battle For Your Mind - Mass Mind Control Techniques In America By Dick Sutphen, Jan 20, 2000. Some governments, agencies and corporations don't want this information to be known by the general public. For more than obvious reasons, some Christian Fundamentalists, cults and human-potential trainers would also prefer that the public remain unaware of how they are recruiting new members.  Go to: Mass Mind Control Techniques In America

Original God The CIA, Andrija Puharich & The Council of Nine
One New Age channeling cult, above all the rest, has had a huge - very disturbing influence on hundreds of thousands of devotees worldwide. Known as 'The Nine', its disciples include cutting edge scientists, multi-millionaire industrialists and leading politicians. This exclusive extract based on The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince looks at the sinister origins of The Nine.  Go to: The CIA, Andrija Puharich & The Council of Nine

Original God Subliminal Warfare
In 1952, German physicist named W. O. Schumann, playing around with math as physicists are prone to do, postulated that the earth - being a good conductor - was surrounded by a good dielectric called air.. And around this is another layer of a good conductor know as the ionosphere, the Heaviside Layer, and that this constitutes a potentially resonant system. That means that any energy trapped in this earth-ionosphere cavity - like lightning storms, etc., - will cause it to ring like a bell.  Go to: Subliminal Warfare

Original God Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda
1997 by Noam Chomsky. Let's begin with the first modern government propaganda operation. That was under the Woodrow Wilson Administration. Woodrow Wilson was elected President in 1916 on the platform "Peace Without Victory." That was right in the middle of the World War I. The population was extremely pacifistic and saw no reason to become involved in a European war. The Wilson administration was actually committed to war and had to do something about it. Go to: Media Control

Original God Zbigniew Brzezinski "Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era."
Zbigniew Brzezinski is the man (handler) behind the presidential candidate "Barack Obama." Brzezinski is the author of "The Grand Chessboard," & "Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era." Go to: Between Two Ages

Original God Bible Code - The Marcus Matrix
I searched in the "King James" Old Testament for a few keywords with "CodeFinder" bible code software. Go to: Bible Code - The Marcus Matrix

Original God Earth Energy & Gravity Association (A viable alternative to self annihilation.)
Do you think exotic aerospace propulsion and energy technologies are being suppressed because of national security issues? It's possible to use these same technologies to secure the world from nuclear delivery systems of exotic and conventional means. This is a far better answer to the problem than the mutual assured destruction practiced by the old regime. The boon to the world's economy will eliminate starvation and facilitate a higher level of education; while boosting employment throughout the world. This will result in a self imposed (natural) decline in the world's birth rate; satisfactorily moderating the Earth's population without forced measures or the ill conceived depopulation plans of the Earth's present oligarchy. Earth Energy & Gravity Association