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Spirituality Introduction

Many of you don't believe what you can see and hear, and many don't believe much of what you already know is true. You will ridicule each other for believing many things that you yourself know are real. This is an unnatural behavior that has been impressed upon society using classic and operant conditioning through the mass media. You have been conditioned to turn away from the truth, and now, no longer knowing what to believe, the media fills the gap between your ears with a flashing stream of seemingly incoherent techno action. The problem with this is, it's not incoherent to your unconscious mind.

Spirituality Shaping A Brave New World
Watch the little children sitting entranced in front of the television. As their minds are overloaded with input, they become entranced. Over loading the mind with input is a common method of inducing a hypnotic state in humans. What most people don't understand is that you can make powerful unconscious associations while in this state. These new associations can then be used to operantly condition you without your being consciously aware of what is going on.

Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution, March 20, 1962 From: Berkeley Language Center - Speech Archive SA 0269 - 44 min, 5.69 MB

Spirituality A Simple Example
Side One of HPP Hypno-Peripheral Processing - Stop Procrastination
You may download this example and play it on your own computer. This is a classic example of Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP), (file is 28 minutes long, & apx. 3.8 MB). This is a "Stop Procrastination hypnosis tape." It induces a hypnotic state by overloading the mind with input by telling two stories at once (one in each ear) and making suggestions to the unconscious mind. Its effectiveness will vary with the length of exposure and the suggestibility of the individual. Far more sophisticated and effective methods are used through the media today.

Overloading the mind with stimulation gives more control to the creators of the presentation, and the effectiveness depends more on their ability to access your unconscious mind, rather than your cooperation. The more obvious an unconscious suggestion is, the more effective it is, and suggestions are most effective when you are mesmerized in front of the television set at home.

Spirituality Examples of Poor Judgement
One of the problems with movies and music is the inadvertent associations and suggestions made to the unconscious. While I would argue that much of it is deliberate, it's very easy to do this inadvertently while making a movie or recording a song. Unconscious suggestions such as "I will gain acceptance and make friends through my new career as a gangster, thief or hit man" are common in movies.

Operant conditioning is used by making associations, such as [cherry candy treat = the color red] and then the color red is used in place of the treat. This is the classic usage of operant conditioning. This is the method animal trainers use to train the dolphins at Sea World. They associate the sound of a whistle with a fish. Dog trainers use a similar method called "clicker" training, where they associate a dog treat with the sound of a hand held clicker. Once the association is made they no longer need the treat, they only need the associated sound to obtain the desired response. This allows the trainer to shape complex behaviors at a distance.

With this type of technology, used through the media, associations such as the following are made. [I am hungry = hamburger = McDonalds] [I want sex = model woman = red corvette]. At the most receptive time, they're loading an operating system into your child's mind, along with a few basic programs, that will be running for the rest of their lives.

Spirituality Something To Think About
Take a look at the correlation of the movie "Colors" with the growth of gangs, and the movie "The Godfather" with the revitalization of the Mafia when it was sinking into obscurity. These are only two examples, the following is another.

Classic compliance and shaping was used in anti drug commercials during the 1990s to shape children's unconscious associations, apparently so they would have a greater tendency to become drug addicts and drug dealers. This is strongly associated in my mind with William Bennett the 1989 to 1991 "Director of the National Drug Control Policy." As I viewed these commercials, I observed that they would use at least two known compliance/shaping methods in each commercial. The compliance/shaping methods I'm referring to would have the effect of shaping an unconscious tendency towards becoming a drug addict and/or drug dealer. This went on for a number of years.

You say, "People don't do things like that" and, "Why would someone do this?" First of all, the very idea that people would not do something like this makes me laugh. Secondly, to increase profits, and so that the American people would comply with their demands for more power over them, and as a part of ongoing research. If you can control the number of drug addicts produced in successive generations that means you have control over the level of criminal activity. You could leave a legacy of problems for a democratic administration and later claim the credit for controlling these problems with an oppressive regime and anti-crime and drug policies that had absolutely nothing to do with solving the problems.

Spirituality There Is A Little Child In Us All Quoted from Killology
When young children see someone shot, stabbed, raped, brutalized, degraded, or murdered on TV, to them it's as though it were actually happening. To have a child of three, four, or five watch a "splatter" movie, learning to relate to a character for the first 90 minutes and then in the last 30 minutes watching helplessly as that new friend is hunted and brutally murdered, is the moral and psychological equivalent of introducing your child to a friend, letting them play with that friend, and then butchering that friend in front of your child's eyes. And this happens to our children hundreds upon hundreds of times. In the end, you are desensitized to violence and accept it as a normal and essential survival skill in your brutal new world.

Just as the military increases the killing rate of soldiers in combat, our culture today is doing the same thing to our children. During World War II, only 15 to 20% of the individual riflemen could bring themselves to fire at an exposed enemy soldier. When the military became aware of this so-called "problem," they fixed it. By the Korean War, around 55% of the soldiers were willing to fire to kill. By Vietnam, the rate rose to over 90%. The training methods the military used to accomplish this are the same methods being used by the media industry today to train our children to kill. They are brutalization, classical conditioning, operant conditioning and role modeling.

"Trained to Kill." Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict 3 (1999): 159. Killology. Killology Research Group, 1999. Web. 2 Dec. 2015.

Spirituality What You Need To Be Aware of Now
People are manipulated through the media for many reasons. Need people to back a war? Need a diversion to cover a major scandal or theft? Want to manipulate the national crime statistics? It has been used for these purposes and much more. With this technology people's behaviors and beliefs are shaped. With this technology people are shaped to believe in the ridiculous and to turn away from the truth.

Very complex behaviors can be shaped through the media using very sophisticated shaping technologies. People can get away with this because people don't want to believe it. This remains hidden only by disbelief.

You say you don't watch TV? Don't worry, there are many basic programs that are reinforced and spread through interpersonal transactions, music, toys and games. There are "self propagating designer behaviors" that can be used to shape your thoughts and behaviors through social interactions. Whether by accident or by deliberate action, it really wont matter because the results will be the same.

Spirituality Come on now, can this be true? Oh, — hell yes!
Confuse love with sex then associate sex with violence, and 'you' will fall in love with death and war. Yes, this type of operant conditioning works on human beings very well. You say, "People don't do things like that." I say, "Sure they do." The major advertising companies get paid billions of American dollars to change your minds. They do not get that kind of money to make pretty pictures with pretty models. The worlds major advertising companies know more about human behavior and shaping human behaviors than is known in the worlds universities.

The worlds major advertising companies have much larger research budgets than the psychology departments of the worlds major universities. What they know about behavior modification and compliance technologies is considered proprietary and is kept secret. In other words, they are using methods of behavior modification on the general population through the media that are unknown and secret. This fact is not even a mater for debate because it's already known to be true.

Spirituality Probably True
The major advertising companies are not the only ones who have this type of technology, and they're not the only ones who have access to the media.  

i.e.  intelligence agencies,  governments,  politicians, the military industrial complex,  international corporations,  money power,  banks,  secret societies, musicians, media personalities, Oprah Winfrey & Fox News - lol

A world of people as knowledgeable as we are should be smarter than this.  I think we're taking a big chance considering the information available to us.  I've presented only a few of the reasons why only fools would fail to moderate their media.

Spirituality The Battle For Your Mind - Mass Mind Control Techniques In America By Dick Sutphen, Jan 20, 2000

HPP by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman
Side 1 of HPP Hypno-Peripheral Processing - Stop Procrastination

Side 2 of HPP Hypno-Peripheral Processing - Stop Procrastination
Side 3 of HPP Hypno-Peripheral Processing - Stop Procrastination

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