Operantly Conditioned Souls


Operantly Conditioning Souls

Spirituality Introduction To The Unconscious
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The unconscious or subconscious mind, according to classical "Freudian" psychoanalysis, is a 'part' of the mind that stores repressed memories. The theory of repression maintains that some experiences are too painful to be reminded of, so the mind stuffs them in the cellar. These painful repressed memories manifest themselves in neurotic or psychotic behavior and in dreams. The unconscious mind is also thought by some, such as Carl Jung and Charles Tart, to be a reservoir of transcendent truths.

The notion of a subconscious in some branches of psychotherapy is considered to be the deepest level of consciousness that individuals are not directly aware of but still affects conscious behavior. This notion is similar to the notion of the unconscious in psychoanalytic theory.

At the present stage, there are still fundamental disagreements within psychology about the nature of the subconscious mind, whereas outside formal psychology a whole world of psychological theory has developed in which the unconscious mind is held to have any number of properties and abilities, from animalistic and innocent child-like aspects to savant-like all-perceiving mystical and occultic properties.

The subconscious mind is halfway between the conscious thinking mind and the unconscious mind or collective unconscious. The thinking mind would be the consciousness that is able to reason and make sense of things. The subconscious mind is the recording mechanism that records information based on how it was perceived by the judging thinking mind. The unconscious mind is a record of things, how they innately are, without judgment and is thought to function outside of space and time, and is therefore a record of everything in the past, present and future. The subconscious mind takes information from the conscious mind and puts it into the unconscious mind and likewise, the subconscious mind pulls information from the unconscious mind and these surface through the conscious mind in the form of ideas and inspirations and provide us with our everyday perceptions of reality.

Operant Conditioning Souls Open: The Battle For Your Mind - Mass Mind Control Techniques In America By Dick Sutphen, Jan 20, 2000 - With a link to a printable version of the document.

A Clockwork Orange

Spirituality Operantly Conditioning Souls Using Symbols
After lifetimes of being exposed to symbols there emerges an inherent understanding of them. The souls of man have been conditioned to symbols through numerous lifetimes. These symbols can be used to communicate to the unconscious mind, and they can be used to operantly condition obedience to groups who use these symbols. One should be aware that just because someone waves a certain flag it does not mean that they represent the symbolic meaning associated with that flag. Running up a friendly flag is an old pirate trick. The friendly flag is replaced by the pirates true colors (Scull & Crossbones) only after it is too late for the victims to escape.

Examples of symbols used to manipulate the souls of mankind would be religious symbols, ancient authority symbols representing obedience and conformity, etc. These ancient symbols speak directly to the unconscious mind of the individual. The beauty of symbols is they remain independent of language. Once the association is made they can be used universally no mater where you go.

Spirituality Basic Response Conditioning
Symbols are also used in the media, by associating 'sex' with an actress (sex symbol) or 'security' with the emblem of an insurance company and so on and so forth. Music and melodies are also recognized by the souls of man and can be used to sway them. You can use these symbols to make associations with other symbols or concepts such as god, ecstasy, hunger, fear, violence, pain, safety, shelter, sex, greed, father, mother, child, danger, obedience, conformity, etc.

Roman Coliseum Style
Properly manipulated these symbols speak to the unconscious mind in a very detailed and effective way. You can associate love with sex, fusing them together in the subconscious mind, then associate sex with violence, fusing these together in the subconscious mind. These symbols can then be associated with horror, killing, death and war, causing the subject to fall in love with death and war on an unconscious level. The symbols most often used for these types of associations are media personalities called icons, symbols or idols. These are plain language designations for symbols: 'Media Icons', 'Sex Symbols' or 'Pop Idols'. They are used in programs for media programming. The population is considered to be entranced (asleep).

Spanish Inquisition Style
Operant conditioning of the soul has also been carried out to turn people away from the truth about their innate power to access the cosmic consciousness for information and guidance or to affect reality with their consciousness. In this fashion mankind has been rendered spiritually powerless, ignorant and unarmed in the middle of a dangerous universe that requires such knowledge and powers to survive. This renders mankind dependant on otherworldly powers for their protection and continued survival, and has caused the souls of man to become somebody else's property. The type of property that can be bargained for, bought and sold.

Christian Empire Style
These symbols, especially when you are not consciously aware of them, are very effective in persuading people through unconscious association and obedience conditioning. Modern organized Christianity began with painting the sign of the cross on the shields of Roman soldiers. The very first thing they did with this new symbol power was to kill an opposing army.

After you get tortured and killed in a few lifetimes, while resisting the cross, your soul just starts to obey out of fear. Similarly important is what you witness happening to others. You seek shelter under that symbol because that is what you have been conditioned to do through the experiences of multiple lifetimes. You learn what causes suffering or provides safety. Being under or behind the cross is security while being in front of the advancing cross is not safe. The symbols awaken this knowledge in the unconscious mind which causes the desired behaviors to manifest. One should study the tactics used to accomplish this in the history of the world.

Whether from genetic inheritance, the collective unconscious or through the soul, using these symbols is still effective on a very deep seated level. Symbols have been used through the centuries on mankind in a deliberate and knowledgeable fashion to operantly condition the soul.

"Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly." - Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: Fables and Reflections

Spirituality Conclusion
(Constantine) There is a pattern of abuse that can be identified with certain organizations. The first step towards grasping what's been going on, is to understand that the people behind these organizations are real, and their actions over the centuries have been deliberate and calculated. Tell me, what would you do if you came face to face with the man who sold the world, to be a God?

My advice: Get rid of the pretenders, work together, think for yourselves and make your own destiny.

Marcus E. Lee