World Trade Center Towers & The $20 Bill


Original God The American peoples best friend: The twenty dollar bill.

1. Fold a (1996 series) $20 bill in half so you see the top half of the back.

$20 - World Trade Center & 20 Dollar Bill

2. Fold the left half back away from you.

Twenty Dollar Bill & Twin Towers

 3. Now fold the right half back. There's the Pentagon in flames.

$20 Twenty Dollar Bill & Pentagon

4. Flip the $20 bill over to see the World Trade Center.

World Trade Center Twin Towers & Twenty Dollar Bill

The waves behind the twin towers are caused by a predictable & well known scanner anomaly. The lines on the bill that produce this effect are designed to prevent forgery by scanning. The waves are deliberate and can be considered as digital waters.

Original God Remember that this money was issued in 1996. Notice that even the flames and windows in the Pentagon are properly represented and the waves of the background water of the World Trade Center are clearly discernable. Look above and observe as our illumined $20 bill speaks holy prophesy. Bear with me as I invoke the spirit of our mighty green god, for I know that when money talks, man listens.

"Oh mighty green god. Oh great one; speak to us. We beseech thee 'oh' mighty one. Bring us the benefit of thine almighty wisdom; All-Seeing One. Tell us! What's going on?

Carefully study the finale photo. The first three messages are written on the currency.

1. The $20 bill says that the north tower will be struck by "American Airlines."
2. The $20 bill says that the south tower will be struck by "United Airlines."
3. The $20 bill says this will bring about "The United America"
4. The $20 bill also says:

"The American people will be united in a quest for world domination. We will use the media to shape the weaker souls into perverts who will fall in love with death and war; then we will arm these little perverts, whom God will forsake; and then the Military Industrial Complex will engineer a number of terrorist attacks, increasing in brutality, until the frightened and confused perverts will get behind, like a bitch, the New World Order."

"This money talks too much! I wouldn't be surprised if it were eliminated before it tells people everything it knows."


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