Bible Code: 1st Kings, The Marcus Matrix


1st Kings - The Marcus Matrix

May 7, 2008

Original God Bible Code : The Marcus Matrix statistics report as .rtf file
I searched in the "King James" Old Testament for a few keywords with "CodeFinder" bible code software. I tried about 12 search terms. 'Live' and 'Come' were two of them, with 'Come' being done as an after thought. I had already posted this page but reopened the software a few minutes later and searched for 'Come'. I thought it was supposed to be in there. (Click here to open a larger version.)

Bible Code "King James" Old Testament: 1 Kings, Chapter 10 link to the original matrix graphic
Where the matrix is located within the text is very important and telling. Also note the two words in green, as they're read backwards as well as circular.

Note "the she" on the left of "evil come, come live."