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Enlightenment Divine Music (A Musical Interlude)
This is from the second track of Jethro Tull's 1972 album "Thick as a Brick." Click here to open it. This helps to put everything into its proper context. It will help you to understand that there's a common theme in all of this. You will find my words are inadequate to explain reality, but you can still think for yourself, to grasp the unexplainable. Reality functions as if a language; It speaks to us.

It's a fact that nobody can accurately describe the day to day reality of their own lives. There are too many details in the transactions between people and their reality. When you try to explain what's been going on, people really don't know what you are talking about. They can only imagine things for you. You cannot be told the truth! The only possible way to know the truth is to think for yourself.

Here is a Google search of jethro tull "thick as a brick" take note of the returned number of results. As of June 7, 2005, the day I wrote this, there was consistently over 40,000, and more recently "September 17th, 2005" there was consistently over 120,000 returned results and growing. "Thick as a Brick" is considered a milestone in music history. So is "Axis: Bold As Love."


A Divine Language Of Music

A Divine Spiritual Enlightenment