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Enlightenment Divine Music
Angelic beings can add their voices to music. This can happen in the recording studio and even when performing live music. The song entitled "Bold As Love" is a prime example of this. Changing the left right balance will reveal different information in the same section of the music. This is from the second track of Jethro Tull's 1972 album "Thick as a Brick" at about twelve minutes. Click here to open it. Listen to this section of music before proceeding. You will understand what is said in this short excerpt. You can lift the right headphone or move closer to the left speaker at 00:57. Changing the speaker balance can be helpful; varying the frequencies and good audio equipment will reveal more; adjusting the volume can bring this into the hearing range. Open the player and listen carefully.

Listen for "Marcus" in the music. Figure out what it says yourself.

Parts of this section can be made exceptionally clear using a parabolic or graphic equalizer. Here's the same file that's in the player.  Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick Track II, at 12 min.


A Divine Language Of Music

A Divine Spiritual Enlightenment