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Enlightenment Divine Music
Open the player below. Did you catch the voice directly in the middle of the first players excerpt? At 00:05 you heard an Angelic Messenger saying "Living God" followed by the same in a human voice. If needed, go back and listen to it again to make sure. The person who spoke saying "Living God" possesses a particular talent to be heard unconsciously. The original angelic voice in the background sounds like a musical instrument; it's also much harder to hear. This is unaltered in "Bold As Love" at 01:10. It's performed by the "London Metropolitan Orchestra" with Paul Rodgers and Steve Vai.

The song is entitled "Bold As Love" from a CD entitled "In From The Storm." Click here to open it. The music and lyrics are written by Jimi Hendrix. At the beginning of the "Bold As Love" music is an interwoven message that simply states "Hail to Marcus" and "Hail to Marcus Lee" and this starts at 00:10. Changing volume and left right balance can help you hear this clearly. This is unaltered and strait from the distributed compact disk. Make whatever sound adjustments you can think of to confirm this. A more sophisticated analysis of this work will reveal more information. Base and treble adjustments (especially adjustments with a parabolic or graphic equalizer) can be used to tune these in like tuning in a radio station.

You can buy this CD on the internet; it's clearer in its original form. Here's a 320 kbps version of the section in question for you to examine.  In From The Storm - Bold As Love
19 page insert from CD 6.4mb .pdf


A Divine Language Of Music

A Divine Spiritual Enlightenment