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Below is a link to the original "Bold As Love" from Jimi Hendrix's album "Axis: Bold As Love." Click here to open it. There you will find a button to a picture of the original album cover. As you will see, all of this has a binding concept throughout. There is a common belief that Jimi Hendrix came down from on high to enlighten people through his music. If so, what was he supposed to enlighten you to? What has been hidden from you? What is missing here? Jimi Hendrix died after releasing only three albums, the second of these was "Axis: Bold As Love." Help me to help him fulfill this destiny. If you can face the music in my Divine Languages course, then I know you will have it within yourself to be 'bold' as love. Axis: Bold As Love - Album Cover

The cancellation of sound can play a role here. Speaker positioning and angle can make this work for you.

Don't worry if you have trouble hearing this clearly. I have to almost blow my speakers to hear it clearly myself, but the previous version of Bold As Love is more than just a clue that I'm telling the truth. It's up to the real audiophiles to confirm this and to tell the others. You should be able to hear enough of it to know that it's real, so give it a try. If your equipment cannot reproduce this clearly then please take note of the phonetic to syllable equivalence to what I say is there. Adjust volume, base and treble to verify this.

This sounds better coming from the original album or a CD. These are available to purchase in your local music store or on the internet. Look for, "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" & "Axis: Bold As Love"


A Divine Language Of Music

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