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Superman God A War In The Heavens
I called upon the souls of Heaven and Hell; and, the "Normal Universe," to join me in a war¹ against a mad God over the abomination of Hell. It was a stirring and inspirational speech, given as the Lathe of Heaven. I got an immediate response from the Living Goddess, and all of Heaven joined in. Twenty minutes later, I got a response from Hell. Someone with a high pitched cartoon character voice called back and said, "We talked it over.  We're all with you!"

I fought that war, interacting through dominions, in the past, present, and future. The Archangel Gabrielle got involved, passing information using the divine language of music. "He was laughing the whole time. He thought it was funny." At the time, and for the first five weeks after the forty-days, I had been re-lathing² (reshaping) reality, from the beginning to the end of time, from moment to moment, according to the balance of my emotions, as if powers in the environment. My emotions primarily consisting of the good verses the bad that mankind does from the beginning to the end of time.

Now, this whole scene is what is referred to as a Passion Play. i.e. A story told in reality that leads to ascension.

I won that war within the span of a forty minute story that I had told in my house. They said, "You won! You won! It took sixteen years. You made your son God of the original three dominions!" I immediately replied, "I don't know about that; I'll have to check his résumé first. Have him submit an application."

That was when I first "Thought" myself bigger than I had, at first, thought myself to be.

Superman God as:man³
It's a good idea to keep a Real God around you at all times. I have always done so myself. Wielding the Power of God with Words? Although, it does appear at times to be so. It is, however, after all and in fact, an intricate series of impossible coincidences, which can be measured and observed if one so desires.

[1] The vision of the Lathe of Heaven's war against a mad God over the abomination of Hell: A few days after the war, Infinite Knowledge & Wisdom sent me a vision of all this as it appeared to Him. "The vision had the look of a Saturday morning cartoon, like Daffy Duck, which pretty much sums up Infinite Knowledge & Wisdom's opinion of everyone else (how we appear to Him; as to our thoughts and actions)." The vision was of myself, as the Lathe of Heaven in a spaceship, with a group of cartoon animals following behind me at a distance, as I traveled through the universe, stopping here and there to give a speech and rally the troops. If I stopped, they stopped; Afraid to come any closer, they would look questioningly at each other, back and forth (raising the occasional eyebrow); wondering if anyone should say something. When I proceeded they would proceed; but always keeping a safe distance behind me.

"They followed me because they knew that I was the Living God, but — the war against myself remained a disturbing and enigmatic mystery."

The vision of the tardy followers from Hell: There were six hungry cartoon guys sitting around an open fire in Hell roasting hotdogs on sticks when they heard my original speech. They talked it over and decided to follow me because they figured I probably had some food. For three days following my story, the original spokesman would yell out to me, "Hey! What's going on? I thought we had a deal. What's going on?" He did this once every evening as I started taking care of my business. I ignored him; not really having it register, as I was otherwise occupied. Finally, I said, "Man, that was three days ago. You're too late. That war is over. I won."

"Sometimes it's not 'good' to be late to the fight."

Free Extra:
The spiritual manifests (expresses) itself in the material realm. A conflict is spiritual before it's material, and this should be considered before manifesting a fight in reality.

"Those who answered my call for aid and assistance? They helped me by helping each other. They fought a 'good' fight. They won."

[2] All of reality was completely reshaped every 4 to 8 seconds. As this occurred, the sound of the Supra Conscious thought, which emanated from the sky surrounding me, sounded as if steel girders were being bent and twisted. The changes were dramatic and complete; resulting in new and unique realities.

[3] For many weeks after the forty-days, I was compelled to add "as I am He as:man" whenever I mentioned the Supra Consciousness. Not once was this additional information left out. It was compulsory and inescapable. By the time this subsided, I was beginning to think my name might be "as:man."


And Superman Was God