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Superman God I Saved The Souls of Man From Hell
Immediately following the forty-days, I had noticed that a pretend god had been peering at me from the corner of the room. He peered at me for three days but I ignored him, until on the third day, it appeared that he wanted me to pick up the Bible. So I opened it up and read this, (β) "For I see you have a little power."

He seemed to be a bit decrepit and evil to me and I replied, (Με) "A little power? I have all the power. There is no other." I looked up and added, (Με) "What's this Hell all about? What do you need that for?" Then I read in the Bible, (β) "I need Hell to scare people into being good." I replied, (Με) "No you don't! I know a better way." I further read, (β) "I am the Lord thy God! I destroy the perfect and the wicked!" I knew that he was referring to me as the perfect; of that there was no doubt. Then I read, (β) "Fear the Lord thy God!"¹

That was it! I'd had enough of this. I was highly offended. "He got to me!" I got mad, and my power reached out and shook this dominion of thieves, as if it was a toy, and I started to tell a story. A couple of minutes into the story I paused, looked down, and read this in the Bible, "Love. Love. Peace. Peace. Stop it! Enough already." But, my stories are Reality, and it was too late for turning back the pages.

Superman God A Good Fight
Too much good had come from this fight. It was a good fight; I could not give up the good that had come from it. For you see, fighting a good fight is good for forging Immortal Souls.

[1] Why would a Real God want/need a perfect soul to fear him? A perfect soul is God's natural ally. He said, "I have thrown many perfect souls away in the trash heap of creation." His words; not mine. He also tried to make a deal for them. "Fear not! For with the turn of a page; All is made well." Words versus Reality; The Word God versus The Reality God. That's the game they were playing. Many people don't know which one is which now, because they have become so confused by words.

[β] Beta; Devil i.e. The demonic challenger to God. The Other One; The Second; The Pretender.

[Με] Mu Epsilon; Living God i.e. [Mu] The Cosmic Axis link between the Worlds; stability and protection; [Epsilon] The spiritual element contained in the material; quintessence. The Breath of Life.


And Superman Was God