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After the forty-days, a group had gathered in heaven to give me a little encouragement, for I had been fighting the good fight on their behalf. They had been insisting that, "In the beginning there was Superman and Superman was God." I laughed at them and explained that yes, I was as Superman was but that was one of the many thousands of lives that I had lived in reality as a child.

I said, "I conquered and organized the world before I went to kindergarten — by living the lives of real people throughout history, in reality, at night while I slept, — instead of just dreaming." I told them, "You already know that I am your God. Then what makes you think that it's me who is mistaken and not you?"

They persisted to believe in the Superman God. I said, "In the beginning there was Superman and Superman was God. That's ridiculous, completely ridiculous; that's impossible." Around the same time they suggested that I made the Universe and everything else myself, then forged my immortal soul and became God. Once again I laughed at them, and I said, "Ya sure! The Universe just manifests itself, I forge my immortal soul becoming First-Light First-Reality, and then — I'm God! Ya sure. That's ridiculous, completely ridiculous; that's impossible."


And Superman Was God