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The price of vanity: What does it mean when a Living God comes and you ignore the signs. Your God experts, in essence, do the thinking and talking for God which amounts to making themselves a God. Everyone listens to them and turns away from the truth (everything that is true) which is what God really is. What do you think the natural result of all this will be, and what will become of you? What is the story here?

It is up to you who stand on this Earth right now to decide through the stories that you will tell in this lifetime. As it stands now, this is a story of mistakes and the consequences of such mistakes. The Power of Creation has a propensity for sad stories. He holds them up to others as examples of consequences and will rightly state that it wasn't 'Him' that was making the mistakes, He just unmade the mistakes.

The full power of God is not enough to save you. Who can cure man's foolishness and vanity. It is the considered opinion of the major powers that catastrophic consequences are necessary before man will change, and because man is shaping a hell on Earth, it has become true that the Universal Powers must now purge the Earth, in order to save mankind from themselves.




A Divine Language Of Music

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