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The Lathe of Heaven

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The Lathe of Heaven

"Those who Heaven helps we call the Sons of Heaven.  They do not learn this by learning.  They do not work this by working it.  They do not reason this by using reason.  To let understanding stop at what can be understood is a high attainment.  Those who fail to do this will be destroyed on the Lathe of Heaven." - - Chuang Tzu, 4th Century BC

The above concepts are taken from a discourse on the nature of the perfect man. They originally came from the founding father of Taoism, called by many names, "Lao Tzu" i.e. "Old Master" will do here.  The English translation containing the description of the "Lathe of Heaven" comes from Ursula K. Le Guin who wrote an inspired novel titled "The Lathe of Heaven." Which contains a simplified description of an incarnation of the "Living God."

"The symbolism can be understood, once you know who and what the novel is talking about."

In any case, Lao Tzu's central principle is that the myriad-of-things of the universe are all manifestations of what is really an interconnected organic unity, thus an inseparable whole, which maintains its own balance and harmony, and arises from an essentially unexplainable source — The Tao.

While Lao Tzu is typically credited with the initial development of Taoism, Chuang Tzu is regarded as its most prolific author and advocate.  Lao Tzu once said, "Tao is forever, and he that possesses it, though his body ceases, is not destroyed."

One of the most notable concepts expressed in the first quote is the differentiation between the perfect man (who Heaven helps) and those who invent explanations for those things that they could not possibly understand.  Doing so only serves to produce self deluding souls, considered corrupted, which are destroyed over the span of ages.  They do not continue to do well at all;  Eventually, Heaven can no longer reach them, they are prevented from rebirth, their spirit wanders from place to place, until one day, they just disappear.  In this manner, they are destroyed upon the Lathe of Heaven.

Who and what is the Lathe of Heaven?  "He Who Sees, Envisions, Visualizes Reality"  A Lathe of Heaven makes life and reality possible. He is the Wellspring from which all things flow and to which all things must return.  He is a God of Creation who wields the Power of Creation through Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom.  The Lathe of Heaven is the Creative Force/Persona.

The Lathe of Heaven is a Creator who wields reality as a power; even more importantly, He is a story teller, telling stories in reality.  The Lathe of Heaven's responsibilities include maintaining reality and helping you to tell the stories of your lives.


note: The potential of there being something real manifests the Infinite Waters out of the Nothing Place. "He Who Sees" then brings order out of the chaos. You will only see what 'He' lets you see. i.e. (He Who Sees, Envisions, Visualizes Reality; i.e. The Lathe of Heaven, Supra Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Mind, Creative Force/Persona; Infinite Wisdom as an integrated aspect of Infinite Knowledge and the Power of Creation) "Infinite Wisdom springs forth from Infinite Life & Reality for Infinite Time"


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The Lathe of Heaven