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Superman God I Made Life And Reality Myself
A void was spread out before me, as my soul/spirit expanded outwards in a burst. It was the birth of the universe — and it was Me alright, and so went my defense, and so went my claims of innocence, and so went my righteous indignation over being an innocent man accused of crimes He didn't commit.

I sorrowfully confessed, "Alright. Enough! Enough already; I confess. I'm the One. I did it."

Just then an aspect of Infinity said, "Now; In the beginning there was Superman and Superman was God, and now, you made yourself—everything else, before you made God. You made God yourself then you made yourself God."

A second aspect said, "Now; You're a hundred percent guaranteed certainty to come out of the 'Nothing Place' every time." 

As I moved from one room to the other, two voices yelled from Heaven. The first said, "You're Son of God!" the second said, "You're Immortal Soul of God!" The highest power often has the quietest voice and Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom let me know with pure thought, and in reality; that now, 'Nothing' is impossible — to me.

This one action covered everything that I had thought was impossible since the forty-days.

It's always the same One who comes out of the 'Nothing Place' every time. That is because it only happened once; and now, "Nothing" is Impossible!


And Superman Was God