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Highly Probable

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Enlightenment It's The Impossible — That's True
What is real to us, could be described as a well maintained illusion to a being of infinite intelligence who maintains reality from moment to moment. In the quantum structured universe, such things as mater, space-time, and gravity, could not have naturally precipitated so conveniently from a singularity.

The odds of all this happening are about one chance in infinity.

What I'm Not Saying:
I'm not saying the singularity/unity doesn't exist, because, it does, nor am I saying that infinite universal realities don't exist, because, they do. What I'm saying is that it's all a part of the same system, under the control of one infinite being — who has no problem at all paying attention to every detail.

Infinite Knowledge & Wisdom's Statement (Word) is Infinite Life & Reality for Infinite Time.

Enlightenment The Multiverse
I can tell you that I know for certain that 'infinite' exists, and, in fact, they have the math to prove it. The argument of infinite universes producing this one impossible universe, as a mater of chance, is a very good argument because that same argument also makes an infinitely intelligent all-knowing creator god, who maintains reality from the beginning to the end, an absolute certainty. Those who have used the infinite universes argument to get around a creator, are deliberately ignoring what 'infinite' includes. Infinite Universes, by definition, and in reality, necessitates the inclusion of an infinite intelligence to oversee it.

Underestimating what Infinite is, seems to be a favorite pastime for the high priests of science.

The true nature of the infinite is what the "Infinite Universes" proponents have conveniently ignored; and now, they claim it takes "brains" (membranes) to make reality happen. Doesn't it sound like someone is making a joke, using reality as if it was a language?

This happens all the time! The key to recognizing/deciphering this humor is knowing who and what the Power of Creation is.

Enlightenment No Mistakes
You might ask, "How could all this be the thoughts of a greater being? There's so much detail, yet strange and unexplainable events seem so rare. How could this be?"

The Power of Creation never makes a mistake, and you're underestimating what Infinite Intelligence can accomplish. What you perceive is just the beginning of what this 'Being' has created and maintains. The motivation and emotional make up of "Infinity" is unfathomable. What can be known is that He is real and all other deities are His creations or His personifications.

Even the Gods Worship at the Alter of The Power of Creation.

I can tell you this: Aging, evolution, life and death, and all things natural are maintained by an intelligence that never has, never will, and never could make a mistake; an absolutely perfect Being. This is an explanation for why it seems so predictable and why one thing leads to the next and so on and so forth. He never has nor ever does make a mistake. He is perfect.


Highly Probable