From the Navaho Age of Gods

In the Age of Gods: About this time the people learned that two strange babies were born of separate mothers. They grew more rapidly than any baby they had ever seen, for they were giants. They were great, clumsy babies; their hair stuck out roughly; they were dirty and lazy and they acted like half wits. They were called de baya yid etso. When they were fully grown they began to eat human beings. In fact, wherever they found people they picked them up, carried them to their home, and ate them.

Then there were two more strange babies born. They were like birds. These babies had yellowish eyes; their bills were yellow, as were their fingers; they grew to great size and their wingspread was enormous. They were male and female; and they, also, had separate mothers.

There was another baby born after that. It was like a ball. Actually it was a living rock. It had eyes, a mouth, a nose and ears. It grew to a great size and rolled over the earth. It was harmful to human beings, for it rolled over anyone who came near it.

Now the people remembered their own sins. First Woman had told her maidens what to use when they were without men. Plants were the fathers of the giants, turkey wings were the fathers of the great birds; and stones were represented in the great living rock. These were the fruits of their sins.

The giants made their home on the east end of Top Mesa." The great birds made their home on a peak beyond La Plata Mountains. The rolling rock made its home beyond the Carrizos.